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  January 2011 Monthly Bulletin Joyful Moments

The Happiness Factor

What is happiness?  The answer is one of the great human mysteries – and one the most motivating pursuits in each of our lives.  Why not start off 2011 with a new commitment to finding and creating pleasure, joy, satisfaction and fun?  This month’s newsletter explores factors that can add up to a happier you! 


In This Edition
Ring in a happy new year!
Happiness is a balanced life
Fleeting feelings have long-term results
Make a moment memorable

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Ring in a happy New Year! Five habits of highly happy people

Who hasn’t dreamed of winning the lottery and then living “happily ever after?” Studies show that money can make us happy – but only up to a point. There are many good reasons to pursue happiness. But just what is happiness? More...

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Happiness is a balanced life Worklife Balance

It may seem like an impossible dream to find balance in your busy life. Yet if you peel back the layers of happiness and quality of life, you may find that balance is central to both. More...

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Mind Matters Fleeting feelings have long-term results

How often do you feel joy, love, pride, amusement or awe? Studies have found that when we experience even a fleeting positive emotion, we become more “aware;” we actually see more. When we have negative emotions, we see less. And our thinking narrows. More...

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Make a moment memorable Creating Joy

Joyful moments are memorable moments. They make you feel good and help increase a sense of appreciation for life. Read a few simple ideas to help you create joyful moments. More...

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